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podcasts up

uncategorised Posted on Mon, March 09, 2015 23:02:44

guys we’re make this interesting at some point. maybe tomorrow.
today i only had one emotion.
how many are you supposed to have?

just checking in

uncategorised Posted on Fri, March 06, 2015 17:37:15

so far today i have. wait no. not done anything of worth yet.
although i did go to a cafe and then felt sick. is that the sort of thing you want.

the c nt done stairs

uncategorised Posted on Thu, March 05, 2015 02:01:56

i just want to sleep but the couple down stair are being super loud. they is so nice. i should probably go down and tell them to be quit. i hate this
signing ou t

1 of march two thousand and fifteen

uncategorised Posted on Sun, March 01, 2015 23:00:57

today we played minecraft with chelsea’s friend, andy. smiley
dont really know what you say on a blog.